Web Development

A successful site should be interactive and easy to navigate with information being clear and accessible. In addition, it should complement other marketing activity and form the heart of your company’s communications strategy.

While developing the website, we make regular on-line presentations available for the client to inspect and approve. Furthermore, we also arrange for web hosting, search engine optimisation, and staff training if necessary.

Having an extensive experience in building web database applications, we are fluent in a variety of programming languages necessary for the wide range of needs of today’s business clients.

  • .Net, Java/JavaScript, PHP, ASP, VBScript/JavaScript/Flash Scripting, DHTML
  • Linux : Apache / Windows : IIS
  • MySQL, MS SQL, ODBC, MS Access, Oracle

Our website development services offer:

  • Great Design
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Low Development Costs
  • Improved flexibility
  • Logo Design
  • Ads Banner
  • Time saving
  • Database Driven
  • Easy to Use / Intuitive Navigation
  • High end solutions
  • Client Usability Considerations
  • Inexpensive to Maintain
  • Constant Monitoring & Alerting
  • E-Designs (Brochure, Catalog, Newsletter, Splash Pages etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization